EOPS Helps College Students Reach Their Dreams

A program that has been supporting students for over 50 years

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, also known as EOPS, focuses on equipping academically disadvantaged students with the tools they need such as priority registration, counseling, textbook vouchers, cap and gowns for graduation and university application fee waivers to give them the opportunity to work to their full potential.

Mt. SAC, like other schools all over the nation, has been affected due to this pandemic. It has changed the way students learn, especially those who are first-generation college students. According to the EOPS website, students receive the benefits they need to help them meet their personal and educational goals.

The EOPS website states that these resources allow students to feel confident to continue their education online because each service is still provided in the comfort of their own home. They added that EOPS makes it possible for students to have access to the resources they provide until they reach 70 degree-applicable units.

According to the EOPS website, there are certain requirements needed to join the program. Students must be a California resident or qualify as a California Dream Act student, be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units, qualify to receive the College Promise Grant and have earned fewer than 40 degree applicable units with a 2.00 GPA.

Grace Herrera, 23, sociology major, said that she loved EOPS because their services helped her succeed in her college journey. “I was able to get through Mt. SAC because they helped me pay for my books.”

She said that she also enjoyed having priority registration because it gave her access to her classes more quickly. Herrera also mentioned that having two other siblings made it difficult for her parents to pay for her courses every semester; but EOPS made it possible for her and she felt lucky to have counselors to guide her every step of the way. She was glad to have the opportunity to build a relationship with her counselor because she felt confident to seek her help whenever she needed it.

“Having a counselor, I could always count on to visit and ask questions helped me out so much as a first-generation student because I was clueless.”

She also added that she would completely recommend EOPS to all new incoming Mt. SAC students because they will guide them properly.

For more information on how to apply for the EOPS program visit the EOPS website.