West Covina High Crowned King of Cameron Over South Hills

West Covina and South Hills High School duke it out in their annual rivalry football game


Teresa Renteria

West Covina Bulldogs Celebrating with the trophy after beating South Hills

Throughout sports there are tons of major rivalries; Celtics and Lakers, Dodgers and Giants, or Packers and “Da Bears.” Yet there is one local to Mt. SAC that has been running for years and has kicked back up again. That rivalry is the heated battle between West Covina High School and South Hills High School. The “Kings of Cameron” is what alumni and students named the lasting feud.

The strife dates back to the 1960s when South Hills High School opened on Cameron Avenue. Right down the street from the also recently reopened West Covina High School. The two schools would face each other countless times over the years across all sports and scholarly activities. Yet the one competition that brought out the best of the two schools was the good old sport of football.

The two high schools have been duking it out on the gridiron for years, with each match bringing a new chapter to their continuing narrative. In the past 12 years, the West Covina Bulldogs have bested the South Hills Huskies seven out of the 12 times the schools have played each other.

This year’s game was played at Covina District Field on Oct. 2. The location of the game alternates every year from West Covina’s home field and the district field. The game would be highly anticipated this year due to the fact that it would be the first time playing each other in front of friends, family, and alumni of both schools.

Tyler Johnson, 24, is an alumnus who graduated from West Covina High School and this was his first time watching a game since graduating.

“It is great to see that the rivalry is still going,” Johnson said. “Hopefully, it is just as heated as it was when I played.”

The game was a slow burner as both teams had difficulty scoring in the first quarter. The Bulldogs drew first blood from their longtime rival Huskies when West Covina scored on a 45-yard run by running back Zach Requena. South Hills would try to respond but would fail to do so and would go the whole quarter without scoring.

Both schools would go into the second quarter ready to continue the fight. The South Hills Huskies would come out of the gates aggressive, trying to put a drive together so they could put some points on the board. Ultimately, the Huskies would turn the ball over on downs and West Covina would be on the offensive again.

West Covina wasted no time. The Bulldogs’ drive would include a score on a fake punt by tight end Deven Muniz with 4:48 left in the half. With the score at 13-0 Bulldogs, the half ended with West Covina holding on to the ball as time expired.

The second half would continue exactly where West Covina left off. On their first drive of the game, the Bulldogs scored again. This time it would be off of a three-yard rush by Aaron Ramiro, putting the score at 20-0. South Hills scoring woes would continue as the Huskies would continue to try to find a crack in the West Covina defense.

Yet this would prove to be futile for the Huskies as they would not be able to score for the rest of the half. The West Covina Bulldogs would put together one more solid scoring possession on a 75-yard bomb from quarterback Steven De Luna to Muniz. This would put the score at 26-0.

This would be it for the rest of the game.

South Hills would try to put on one more possession to break the shutout. Yet they would come out empty-handed as the Bulldogs would come out victorious. They would dominate their rivals in this chapter as West Covina would take home the “Kings of Cameron” trophy home this year for the seventh time of their 12 marquee matchups for the trophy.