Staff Picks: Bird Box

The third installment of a series showcasing our staff’s favorite movies and why they love them


Photo courtesy of Netflix/Bluegrass Films/Chris Morgan Productions

“Bird Box” is a movie about an apocalyptic world where people must keep their eyes closed outside to keep themselves from getting killed by monsters that are never shown. This movie depicts the story of Malorie and her two children making their way to a sanctuary through a long river while blindfolded. It is a cinematic masterpiece because of the thrill and action. Many people believe that this is a scary movie but as you watch, it seems less scary, but bolder and more impressive.

Malorie, the main character, is played by Sandra Bullock. Her story is well told through a back-and-forth between her past and the current situation she’s in. The story of Malorie’s past shows how she got to the present situation and eventually catches up to it amazingly.

At the beginning of the movie, Malorie is in the middle of a terrible scene where people are dying, cars are crashing and there are fires everywhere around her. A man named Tom pulls her into a nearby house for safety.

After things settle down outside, Malorie realizes she is in a house with many other people who also ran in for safety. In this house, she officially meets Tom, a strong, nice man who is trustworthy and shows compassion for others. She finds some safety in him and realizes he is a stranger she could trust.

As the story progresses, Malorie ends up in danger with two babies and when Tom comes to save her, they realize their care and need for each other. They lived together for five years with their two children taking care of them while still looking for a sanctuary. This is shown when Tom is killed by people affected by the monsters. She finds herself alone and helpless with the new goal of giving her life for the children.

With the loss of Tom, Malorie goes on her way to find the sanctuary herself and take her children with her. She goes through a grueling journey in a boat through a river she cannot see. Upon reaching land, she and her children nearly get taken over by the monsters until Malorie is able to connect with her children and run to safety.

“Birdbox” offers many forms of situations and relationships that people could have in a post-apocalyptic world. This movie teaches lessons on how to act and who to trust when in danger.

If I was in this world, I would want to make the same types of relationships that the character Malorie did, being unproblematic and coming together with trustworthy people. This movie could be for many different audiences and could be interpreted differently as well. Malorie can be seen as a strong independent woman who is a great critical thinker and a mother who is willing to go to any lengths to ensure her children’s safety. This movie can also show how quickly our world could change in situations of that level of danger.