Staff Picks: Nobody

The seventh installment of a series showcasing our staff’s favorite movies and why they love them


Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

A heavily debated topic amongst moviegoers: What makes a great movie? In other words, what separates a great movie from a good one?

There are a variety of components in this equation. The screenplay, actors, how they complement each other in their roles, unique characteristics and what feeling the film leaves the viewer with, to name a few.

In my opinion, the film “Nobody” starring Bob Odenkirk is the greatest movie I’ve seen. It checks all the boxes with perfect execution. The screenplay flows well and the unique characteristic traits work perfectly with how the roles are meant to be played. The chemistry development and growth are spot on and paced well. The casting could not have been any better as the main character, Hutch Mansell, is portrayed perfectly by Odenkirk.

After watching this movie for the first time, I was in a genuine state of shock as I processed what had gone on in the last 90 minutes. Between the action, character development and iconic scenes, I was left with a feeling that only a few films have given me before.

In “Nobody,” the intent behind the characters’ movements and mannerisms shine through as they only add to how relatable the characters are. With how high-octane the story is, it’s important to give the viewer a sense of relatability to the main characters to stay grounded while delivering believable work. The result is so believable that the extraordinary action scenes seem to leave the viewer forgetting to apply the pessimistic real world logic we view life with.

We take the scenes for what they are and appreciate how well put together each movement and shots are. From the importance of the driving scene angles to how the characters act in the shootouts. These seemingly traditional scenes are transformed into something unique with the twists behind the character development and how our views of them change drastically from the beginning.

I could not exaggerate how amazing Odenkirk was for the role of Mansell. Of any movie I’ve seen, this is my all-time favorite performance by a single actor. Mixed with Connie Nelson’s role as the estranged wife, their relationship development and rekindling makes for a believable and charming romance that slowly grows as a side plot of the film.

While there’s no definitive ending leading us to believe their relationship is fully patched up, there’s a handful of scenes pointing to the rehabilitation of their marriage, enough to show the viewers there’s no worry in the characters’ expressions and give hope to each of them.

Now of course this is a biased review, as this film impacted me on a level that is very difficult to replicate. That being said, I doubt there’s another film that could hold the same weight on paper and the screen in my eyes.

“Nobody” is a movie I’ve recommended as many times as I could to any curious moviegoers. It’s a movie I’ve rewatched a handful of times myself that holds up with every viewing. While I’m always open to newer films, I find it hard to believe that one day I will find one more enjoyable and charming.