‘Cocaine Bear’ review: Is it so bad that it’s genius or a bad idea executed to perfection?

A bear did cocaine!


Via Universal Pictures.

This is one black bear you don’t want to fight back. Yes, National Park Services and park rangers tell you to fight back if the bear is black. They need to update that and add this exception: if the bear is on a cocaine-fueled rampage for more blow and blood, run.

Inspired by a true story, this drug trafficking blunder results in bricks of missing cocaine over the state of Georgia.

Yes, a bear ate the drugs – all of it.

As someone who has believed that Hollywood is out of ideas and seldom hyped to watch something not on stream, I was eager to give “Cocaine Bear” a shot. This wild thriller has it all: an oddball pair of friends, criminals trying to sell drugs, crooked cops, bad parenting, getting over divorce, crack babies and blood and guts in a Georgia forest where a 500-pound apex predator ingested enough Columbian bam-bam to kill Tony Montana. And she loves it. Enough to kill.

I had high expectations (no pun intended) for this movie given two of my favorite actors are in this picture: O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Ray Liotta. Elizabeth Banks, the directorial genius behind this movie, injects an energetic and humorous, yet, violent and crude ride from beginning to end that will leave viewers in stitches and yelling, “A bear did cocaine!”

“Cocaine Bear” is this generation’s “Snakes on a Plane” with a “Family Guy”-esque humor injected throughout this narcotic-filled journey through nature. There are no secrets here folks. The movie is exactly what the film is about. With a preposterous premise and title, you have a hook to draw audiences into the theaters.

The entire production is laugh-out-loud hilarious for an entire hour and thirty-five minutes. Though it is based on a true story, and it is tragic that people died in real life, I can’t help but agree that the balance of comical yet bloody bodes well for films aging gracefully.

According to Axios, this soon-to-be instant classic surprisingly grossed 23.1 million as of Feb. 21, placing it sixth amongst movies released this calendar year.

A well-balanced and perfect casting allowed the actors to lean into the silliness while still maintaining a respect for classic “Round House” and “Pretty in Pink” movies with their retro soundtrack and characters in retro colors and outfits, adding some extra nostalgia. Jackson’s character, Daveed, sported the original Nike Air Jordan 1 in the classic home colorway.

Cocaine Bear is a must-watch experience for adults who can handle violence but want something funny and original. It’s not too graphic nor gratuitous like “Evil Dead,” but guts and intestines will appear on the screen.

With bonus scenes at the end of the movie, you’ll be begging for more! It’s a life-changing film that will have you in tears by the time it’s over – go ahead and give it a try if you’re looking for something unique.