Photo gallery: Game day with the Mounties

Seeing what a game day looks like through the lens of a camera

On April 25 the Mounties faced the El Camino Warriors and won 6-5 in the first game in a three game series.

At 12 p.m., batters line up to take some batting practice before their game against the El Camino Warriors. (Brisa Gutierrez)

The Warriors were the conference leaders, so the team made sure to be on top of their game.

Coaches look onward at their players offering them ways they can improve their swing to get the most out of their at-bats. (Brisa Gutierrez)

The sounds of baseballs making contact with bats fill the stadium.

Team members Toby Yoshida (1) and Andres Mitat (20) strike a pose for the camera as they get ready for their turn in the batting cage. (Brisa Gutierrez)

The comradery amongst the team can be felt throughout the day.

As batting practice wraps up, players Blake Hagerty (23) and Jose Marquez (27) toss a football around to pass the time before the game. (Brisa Gutierrez)

The team shares laughs as they hype themselves up.

Fifteen minutes before the game, starters warm up as the away team looks from their dugout. (Brisa Gutierrez)
The Mounties lining up in their batting order with their hats removed in respect as they listen to the speaker playing the national anthem. (Brisa Gutierrez)
The players are relaxed but determined to win their third straight game. You can feel the team beaming with confidence. (Brisa Gutierrez)
Teammates greet the infielders after a tough inning. (Brisa Gutierrez)
Hagerty (23), Travis Hobbensiefken (22), Gibby Morales (34) and Joey Rossetti (12) join in a group hug as they bring the game to only trailing behind one run. (Brisa Gutierrez)

Yells from the home side dugouts can be heard.

Hagerty (23) lets out a yell as his teammates hype him up after hitting a homerun in the bottom of the fifth inning. (Brisa Gutierrez)

With the mood high things begin to look up for the Mounties.

After starting pitcher Michael Flores (15) threw five innings and allowed five runs he was replaced with pitcher Hunter Holmes (29) . (Brisa Gutierrez)
Hunter Holmes (29) was able to get the team through scoreless innings until he was replaced by Ray Northey (41). (Brisa Gutierrez)
Infielder and shortstop, Damien Delgadillo (3) and Elijah Pelayo (5), do their signature handshake before the start of the eigth inning. (Brisa Gutierrez)
In the bottom of the ninth inning, Pelayo (5 )scored a triple and then scored the tying run on a single made by Braydyn France (9). Shouts erupt in the dugout as Pelayo (5) rounded the bases. (Brisa Gutierrez)
Hobbensiefken (22) stands on the dugout bench as he watches his teammates rally up the score. (Brisa Gutierrez)
The energy is electric in the dugout. Pelayo (5) and his teammates celebrate the massive comeback with pats on the head and back. (Brisa Gutierrez)
France (9) scored the tying run because of Rossetti’s (12) sacrifice fly ball. The realization that they had just won the game against the conference leader had quickly set in. (Brisa Gutierrez)
The team storms the field with water bottles in hand when the game ends in celebration. Water is being splashed everywhere as they shout in excitement. (Brisa Gutierrez)

Their win set the El Camino Warriors to only being one game ahead of the next team.