Adobe Illustrator is a Game Changer, Dude.

Adobe Illustrator for the iPad is boosting productivity for artists.

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Growing up in a metropolitan area such as Los Angeles, we are accustomed to seeing billboards, movie posters, traffic signs and everything in between. Graphic design in advertising, marketing and civil engineering is an art that sometimes goes unnoticed or neglected because we commercially don’t think about what actually goes into the makings of such things.
Since 1985, Adobe Illustrator for desktop has been the main vector graphics editor and design program, originally designed for Apple Macintosh. Digital artists have painstakingly had no choice but to use a computer mouse to create images, graphics and logos which could take hours, if not days, of production. Depending on the dexterity and coordination of any single artist—and with such a minimal allowance of range in accordance with a computer mouse—how frustrated would you be? You feel me?
Reanna Bator, freelance digital artist, has been using Adobe Illustrator since 2002. She said that it is a program that digital designers rely on for drawing to create vectors. According to an article from the Adobe website, “Vector graphics allow creatives to build high-quality works of art, with clean lines and shapes that can be scaled to any size.”
Adobe Illustrator on iPad was released in October of 2020.
According to Bator, it has made her job so much less of a chore and has allowed her, as well as many artists, to flourish in their creative skills because of the fluidity that Adobe Illustrator for iPad has allowed.
“Now that we have a new program, [it] allows us to draw with an Apple Pencil on the iPad. So now we have the feel of drawing in a more traditional way; as a piece of paper with a pencil, versus with a keyboard and mouse,” said Bator. “It cuts time in half and probably even more so. A drawing that would take days to draw, possibly, could now be drawn in 20 minutes—it’s a game changer, dude.”