Photo gallery: Mt. SAC hosts an impressive display of students creativity and artwork

Unique artwork fills the Diana Berger Gallery to wrap up spring


Emily Fernandez

Woody by Yessenia C. Hidalgo, 2022.

From ceramics to paintings, students submitted their unique artwork to the Diana Berger Gallery to celebrate the 73rd Annual Student Art Exhibition.

The student exhibit began on May 4 and will continue until May 25. The gallery is located inside Building 1B/C-10 and is free and open to the public, so don’t miss these intriguing student-created pieces of art while they are still on display.

Painted Vase and Cup Set by Paulina Cardenas, 2023. (Emily Fernandez)
Behind My Eyes by Javier Prieto, 2022.  (Emily Fernandez)
“Tipping the Scale” by Marissa Barajas, 2022. (Emily Fernandez)
“Bunny Still Life” by Genevieve Preciado, 2023.  (Emily Fernandez)
“As You Are” by Marissa Barajas, 2022.  (Emily Fernandez)
“UFC” by Ler Chang, 2023. (Emily Fernandez)
“Dux Francorum” by Brennan Quinn, 2023.
Ni La Muerte Nos Separa by Gabriela Ambrosio Cruz, 2021. (Emily Fernandez)
“Sold” by Emilee Perez, 2023. (Emily Fernandez)
“Galaxy” by Gabriela Ambrosio Cruz, 2022.  (Emily Fernandez)
“The Last Supper” by Li Li, 2023. (Emily Fernandez)
“Untitled” by Natalia Lopez, 2022. (Emily Fernandez)