How to save time and money at Fairplex

Have fun without wasting dollars


Adam Young

Downtown Fairplex in the LA County Fair.

The Los Angeles County Fair is back until May 29. Here are some tips to save money and time while having fun at the fair with friends and family.


Season pass parking is $80 while regular parking is $17 if bought online. If you are planning to go to the LA County Fair at least 5 times, the season pass parking is worth it.

Seniors and veterans also get an admission discount on the website, so make sure to check if you qualify.

Street shot of the Fun Zone in the LA County Fair. (Adam Young)


If you have an electric/hybrid vehicle, you can ask the parking lot attendants to park at the electric charging stations closer to the entrance.

They are also relatively empty because not many people know about this, for now. This trick also works for Disneyland parking.


Fair admission and parking tickets can be bought ahead online and for a much cheaper price.

“Hands that Cultivate” exhibit which showcases flowers cultivated by Mexican Americans in LA County Fair. (Adam Young)


If visitors are planning to experience the rides, eat a lot of food and do some shopping, the $5 dollar coupon book at the front gate is worth a purchase. The savings add up and go a long way.


Before buying anything at the shopping district, look up the product online first – many products can be found for a much cheaper price from online vendors like Amazon.

Beautiful Lego Statue in the candy shop building at the LA County Fair. (Adam Young)


It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day. The California heat is not something to scoff at at this time of year, but wasting money on overpriced water is not a smart idea. There are no water fountains in the fair, so make sure to bring a bottle big enough to last your trip. Also, make sure to wear a hat and apply sunscreen regularly.


Instead of paying for fair food, which can be upwards of $13 for a burger, pack something to eat. Personal snacks are allowed and there is a picnic section of the park to eat your food under the shade of trees.

If you are not planning on bringing food, the King Taco next to the Farm and Gardens is an inexpensive and tasty option.

One of many “meat barbeques” all around LA County Fair. (Adam Young)


Fair admission is included in a concert ticket so don’t pay twice.

The 2023 LA County Fair will be open from May 5 to May 29, Thursday through Sunday.

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