The diverse voices of the student community at Mt. SAC

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Native American and indigenous students have a newfound visibility at Mt. SAC

Willy Wang, Staff Reporter December 29, 2022

At the center of Mt. SAC’s campus sits The Equity Center. Room 1132 is the office of professor Dr. Raul Chavez, who is a history of Native Americans professor and a faculty adviser. The office now serves...

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Equality March in Katowice

What is Pride?

Ethan Brown June 8, 2022

A sea of people fought for their existence on June 28, 1970 with marches, riots, protests, screams, yells, anger and passion. Now, they celebrate with joy, energy, love, color, life and a partying celebration. Pride...

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Can We Still Say “Gay” At Mt. SAC?

Ethan Brown May 19, 2022

Mt. SAC’s queer representation and safety came into question after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Act, known as the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, into law on March 28,...

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Staff Picks: Experiencing New Love In Italy

Karla Ortega May 18, 2022

It is not often that love stories portrayed through movies ended in a heartbreak. More importantly, it is rare for a love story of two men to be portrayed through film, in a manner filled with no boundaries. Typically,...

After burning sage, Native American Inter-Tribal Student Alliance President Abe Gaumot holds The Peoples Staff on April 1 and feels a connection to those that came before him.

Club Receives Historic Peoples Staff

Bryan Jimenez, News Editor April 12, 2022

Mt. SAC’s Native American Inter-Tribal Student Alliance received a staff, named The People’s Staff, to highlight the Native American Citizenship Act. In 2024, the act will have its 100-year anniversary. The...

Girls Wear Pink

Girls Wear Pink

Kristen Sanchez, Community News Editor June 1, 2021

On a foggy morning walk to school, 13-year-old Lauren Vargas saw something that changed her life forever. Walking to class on the cracked pavement, hopping over curbs and stepping on every individual fallen...

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VOICES – Dear Chadwick

Jeffrey Dorsey, VOICES Correspondent October 26, 2020

Dear Chadwick, I want first to thank you for a life well-lived and a journey well-traveled. Although you no longer exist on this earthly plane, your legacy lives on through your work and will eternally...

Graphic by Leni Alexi Santos/SAC.Media.

VOICES from MEChA- Vote and Vote Local

Deanna Theresa Hernandez, VOICES correspondent October 14, 2020

The year 2020 seems like it’s been part of an apocalyptic movie that nobody signed for. Global Warming is causing catastrophic super storms, our nation's leader is more interested in golfing and...

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VOICES From A DREAMer- Vote Because We Can’t

Clyde Austin Marty, VOICES correspondent September 23, 2020

“Ladies and gentlemen, the 45th president of the United States: Donald Trump!” No one saw it coming. No one expected it to happen. But it did. In November of 2016, the country was shaken by the unanticipated...

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