Abraham is the editor-in-chief of SAC.Media. Never at home without a camera nearby, Abraham Navarro lives to shoot and shoots to live. Whether it be a city council meeting or the most vicious riots on the streets of Los Angeles, he will put his eye to the viewfinder and keep it there until everyone is out of sight.

The New Switch: To Wait or Not to Wait?

Photo by turkgamecom on Flickr.

Christie Yeung, Gaming & Tech Editor

September 3, 2020

Ever since this pandemic started and people had more time to play video games, the Nintendo Switch has been in high demand. Many people scrambled to buy one. Some got lucky, many did not. The release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons only heightened the demand and raised the price for the Switch. The...

Judge Rules UC to Drop Use of SAT and ACT for Admission and Scholarships

Graphic by Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

Cesar Gonzalez, Campus News Editor

September 2, 2020

Under a preliminary injunction issued by an Alameda County Superior Court Judge, the University of California must suspend the use of SAT and ACT test scores for admissions and scholarships immediately. The ruling cited that the use of standardized test scores are broadly biased and is unfavorable to st...

Books for Online Classes Should be Free!

Photo illustration by Cesar E Gonzalez/SAC.Media

Cesar Gonzalez, Campus News Editor

September 2, 2020

Many students, like myself, have stressors while trying to stay focused in our studies. Since the coronavirus lockdown measures were put into place, many schools have taken the online approach. Wouldn’t it all be one less thing to worry about if textbooks or PDF’s of our courseworks were free? ...

No Time Off for Levon Barnett

Mt. SAC Football Defensive Back Levon Barnett poses with head coach Bob Jastrab, defensive coordinator Isaac Carter, and quarterbacks coach/recruiting coordinator Cameron Deen during early signing period on December 18, 2019. Photo by Andrew Talavera/SAC.Media

Jesse Espitia

September 1, 2020

After a journey from West Palm Beach, Florida to Oakland, California, then down south to Walnut, with a stop in West Texas, one would think that Levon Barnett would take some time to relax. However, there are no days off for Barnett and if you were to follow him on social media you would see that “no ...

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

Photo courtesy of Ryan Cheung.

Delilah Perez

August 31, 2020

Although he was classically trained, it was through his appreciation of the wild, off-the-rails tempo of gypsy influenced music, and the strikingly grand musical notes of 18th century musician Niccolò Paganini that violinist Ryan Cheung, 23, developed a love for uncertainty, freedom and surprise. Originally...

Athletes Boycott Shooting of Jacob Blake

Taken at the NBA playoffs on Aug. 24,  2020. photo by Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Eric Tadeo

August 28, 2020

On Wednesday,  NBA teams decided to boycott  their scheduled playoff games in response to the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Wednesday’s slate of NBA playoff games included the following matchups:  Orlando Magic-Milwaukuee Bucks,  Oklahoma Thunder-Houston Rocket...

Letter From The Editor-in-Chief: Too Stubborn To Stop Now

SAC.Media Editor-in-Chief Abraham Navarro takes a photo of himself at San Jacinto Wildlife Area as he works on a story for Substance.Media on November 20, 2019. Photo credit: Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media

Abraham Navarro, Editor in Chief

August 26, 2020

When I stepped up to take the position as editor-in-chief of SAC.Media, the reality of the world had finally hit me. I realized that there will never be a time like that before 2020 again. The world will never be the same. I realized, along with the rest of America, that the injustice that has been plagu...

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Takes Gaming World by Storm

Taken from the public video posted by Vimeo on Aug. 13, 2019.

Jesse Espitia, Sports Editor

August 25, 2020

PlayStation Plus has been releasing free games monthly for its online subscription holders. Last month PlayStation offered premiere gaming titles NBA2k20, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Erica. This month’s list of games includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (campaign mode only), and, Fall Guys: Ult...

Asymptomatic Persons No Longer Recommended for COVID Testing

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Catie Coyle

Cesar Gonzalez, Opinion Editor

August 25, 2020

On Jan. 26, the very first case of COVID-19 in California was reported in Santa Clara County. Gov. Gavin Newsom has since given strict orders to close or “lockdown” many publicly open establishments such as bars, nightclubs, wineries and even schools. Newsom had also recommended that adults age 65 ...

Get Your Art Fix in Just a Few Clicks

Get Your Art Fix in Just a Few Clicks

Delilah Perez, A&E Editor

August 24, 2020

Do you miss having the option of going out and experiencing the art and entertainment offered in SoCal? With coronavirus cases surging and businesses having to close their doors, our only option is to stay at home. However, there are still ways to indulge in the arts from the comfort of your home a...

Classes During COVID, What You Need To Know

Photo illustration by Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

Riley Martinez, Campus News Editor

August 24, 2020

Today marks the beginning of a completely online year of college classes for students attending Mt. SAC and colleges across the country. As the semester begins students nationwide are embarking on what may be their most challenging academic year. This is the case at Mt. SAC, where there are many uncer...

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